Treehouse Beds

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Welcome to our Treehouse Bed roundup, where we bring you the perfect blend of function and whimsy for the little ones in your life. Get ready to explore a variety of treehouse-themed beds that will transport them to a world of adventure right in their own bedrooms.

From sturdy wooden frames to soft plush finishes, we’ve curated a selection of Treehouse Beds that offer both safety and comfort. Join us as we journey through these magical offerings and ignite a passion for sleeping that they’ll never forget.

The Top 5 Best Treehouse Beds

  1. Rustic Treehouse Loft Bed for Kids — Unleash the imaginations of your kids and create a whimsical space with the sturdy and safe Rustic Oak Tree House Loft Bed.
  2. Magical Treetop Twin Bed Enclosure — Introducing Acme’s Tree House II Twin Bed — a magical sleep retreat complete with an eight-windowed frame, durable weathered white and washed gray finish, and an accompanying trundle bed for guests or storage space.
  3. Rustic Sand Tree House Loft Bed for Kids — Experience the thrill of a treehouse bed with Donco Kids’ Twin Pd-1380tlrs Tree House Loft Bed, featuring sturdy construction, non-toxic paint, and a charming Rustic Sand finish in a safe and adventurous design.
  4. Treehouse White/Gray Twin Loft Bed with Bookcase — Upgrade your child’s sleeping space with the Tree House White/Gray Twin Loft Bed from Acme, complete with a built-in bookcase for convenient storage and a stunning weathered finish.
  5. Adventure-Ready Treehouse Bed for Kid’s Sleeping and Playtime — Unleash adventure with the Donco Kids Twin Tree House Bed with Trundle, featuring a stylish Rustic Sand finish, sturdy 100% pine wood construction, and extra sleeping space.

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Rustic Treehouse Loft Bed for Kids

Rustic Treehouse Loft Bed for Kids | Image

Imagine your child’s delight as they climb up to their very own treehouse loft bed, complete with windows and a rustic oak finish. This sturdy masterpiece, featuring a slat system for added safety, is perfect for transforming any youth bedroom into a space for unforgettable adventures. With a side ladder and bookcase cabinet sold separately, this Tree House Loft Bed in rustic oak finish is sure to bring joy to any little one’s life.

Magical Treetop Twin Bed Enclosure

Magical Treetop Twin Bed Enclosure | Image

The Tree House II Twin Bed brought the imagination right into our bedroom. The weathered white and washed gray finish perfectly resembles an actual tree house, and my kids were absolutely thrilled. I especially loved the eight open windows for ventilation, and the beadboard panels were not only pleasing to the eye but also quite sturdy.

The two-tone finish was a nice touch, and the durability of the construction put my mind at ease. Although the trundle was not included, I appreciated having the option to add extra storage or a mattress for guests. Overall, the Tree House II provided my children with comfort and adventure, making it a memorable and exciting addition to our home.

Rustic Sand Tree House Loft Bed for Kids

Rustic Sand Tree House Loft Bed for Kids | Image

The FixturesFirst PD-1380TLRS Twin Size Tree House Loft Bed caught my eye right off the bat. With its rustic sand finish and tree house design, my son instantly fell in love with it. I was impressed by the sturdiness of the bed, made from 100% pine wood with steel reinforcements. It even came with non-toxic paint and was CARB certified, so I knew safety was a top priority.

One of the coolest features was the fixed ladder, which made access to the top bunk a breeze. The solid wood barrier and house-like front added an extra layer of safety, so my son could play in his tree house worry-free. The optional dual under bed drawers provided extra storage space, which was perfect for keeping his favorite toys and clothes organized.

However, I also noticed that the bed lacked some customization options, which might be a downside for parents who want to personalize their child’s room further. Also, the setup process could have been a bit smoother. Despite these minor drawbacks, this tree house loft bed was a hit with my son and me, providing comfort and adventure in equal measure.

Treehouse White/Gray Twin Loft Bed with Bookcase

Treehouse White/Gray Twin Loft Bed with Bookcase | Image

I recently stumbled upon the Tree House twin loft bed with built-in bookcase from Acme, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer in my home. The weathered white and washed gray finish truly adds a touch of elegance to any room, and it pairs perfectly with the loft bed.

One of the features that stood out to me is the abundance of storage space. The bookcase has plenty of room for all of my books, making it a convenient place to keep my collection organized and easily accessible. The durability of the product is also impressive, as it has held up well to daily use by my kids.

However, I did notice that the assembly process could be a bit challenging for some. The instructions could be clearer, and it took me a bit longer than expected to put it together. Overall, though, I’m thrilled with my purchase and the added functionality it brings to our home.

Adventure-Ready Treehouse Bed for Kid’s Sleeping and Playtime

Adventure-Ready Treehouse Bed for Kid's Sleeping and Playtime | Image

The Tree House Twin Size Bed with Trundle in Rustic Sand is an enchanting addition to your child’s bedroom. Crafted from 100% pine wood with steel reinforcement, this bed provides a sturdy foundation and a sense of adventure.

The non-toxic paint and CARB certification ensure the bed is safe for your child to play on. The Rustic Sand finish and Tree House design make it stand out in the room, while the detailed headboard and footboard add a touch of elegance. The trundle bed can be tucked away for extra sleeping space, and it’s been certified by CPSIA, CPSC, and ASTM for safety and compliance.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide for treehouse beds! Treehouse beds are an excellent addition to any child’s bedroom, providing a unique and imaginative space for play and relaxation. In this guide, we will cover the key features, considerations, and advice for purchasing a treehouse bed that will best suit your needs and preferences. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


Important Features to Consider

When shopping for a treehouse bed, there are several essential features to keep in mind. These include the bed’s materials, design, size, and safety features. Let’s take a closer look at each of these aspects in turn to ensure you make an informed decision when purchasing a treehouse bed for your little one.


Treehouse beds come in a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. Wood is the most common material for treehouse beds, as it provides a natural and durable option that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Plastic and metal treehouse beds, while lighter in weight, may not be as sturdy as their wooden counterparts and may require more careful assembly and maintenance.



The design of a treehouse bed can greatly impact its appeal and functionality. Look for beds with interesting shapes, such as a treehouse, castle, or boat, that will spark your child’s imagination and create a unique focal point in their bedroom. Consider beds with built-in shelves, drawers, or desks that can provide added storage and functionality. Accessibility is also an important factor; ensure the bed has a safe and sturdy ladder or stairs that can be easily climbed and reached.


Treehouse beds come in a variety of sizes, so it’s crucial to choose one that is appropriately sized for your child’s current needs and will accommodate their growth. Measure the available space in your child’s room, taking into account the size of the bed and any additional furniture, such as a dresser or desk. Consider the height of the bed as well, as a bed that is too high may not be safe for younger children to climb in and out of. Lastly, don’t forget to check the weight capacity of the bed to ensure it can safely support your child and any additional toys or accessories.



What is a Treehouse Bed?

A Treehouse Bed is a unique and innovative type of bed that incorporates the design features of a treehouse. It typically includes a wooden frame that resembles the structure of a treehouse, complete with a ladder for children to climb up and a cozy sleeping space at the top. These beds offer an adventurous and imaginative play area for children, while also providing a comfortable spot for them to sleep.

Treehouse Beds come in various sizes, designs, and features, making them perfect for children of different ages and preferences. They are usually made from solid wood, ensuring durability, and are available in a range of finishes to suit your interior decoration style. These beds can be a great addition to any child’s bedroom, encouraging imaginative play and offering a comfortable place to rest.


Who can benefit from a Treehouse Bed?

Treehouse Beds are primarily designed for children, providing them with a fun, playful, and comfortable sleeping environment. However, many adults find the design of these beds to be charming and nostalgic, making them a great choice for a guest room or even a master bedroom. Treehouse Beds can be an excellent fit for families who want to create a theme or a cohesive design throughout the home.

Additionally, these beds can be beneficial for children with mild to moderate anxieties or sleep issues, as the imaginative environment might help them relax and fall asleep more easily. Overall, Treehouse Beds make a great option for both children and adults who love the concept of a treehouse or are looking for a unique and inviting sleeping space.

Does a Treehouse Bed include a ladder?

Yes, most Treehouse Beds come with a built-in ladder. The ladder is typically attached to the side of the bed and is designed to be sturdy and secure. It usually features non-slip steps and a handrail for safety, allowing children to easily climb up to the sleeping space. The ladder is often removable, making it easy to take apart for transport or storage purposes.

Additionally, some Treehouse Beds come with additional features like a slide or a tunnel attached to the ladder or beneath the bed. These options further enhance the imaginative play value of the bed and offer children even more fun ways to interact with the design. Consider the age and preferences of the child when choosing a Treehouse Bed and its additional accessories to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the bed.


What materials are used to make a Treehouse Bed?

Treehouse Beds are typically made from sturdy and durable materials, such as wood. The wooden frame provides structural stability, while offering a natural aesthetic. Common materials used for Treehouse Beds include pine, cedar, oak, and maple, depending on the specific design and finish selected. These woods are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear, which makes them ideal for a child’s bedroom furniture.

Additionally, some Treehouse Beds might include metal components, such as screws or support braces. However, these are usually concealed within the wooden frame, keeping the overall appearance consistent with the overall design. Some manufacturers might also use eco-friendly materials or finish options, such as sustainably-sourced wood or water-based paints, to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

What sizes are available for Treehouse Beds?

Treehouse Beds are available in various sizes to accommodate children of different ages and heights. Generally, they come in twin, full, or king sizes, with the twin size being the smallest and most popular choice. The dimensions vary based on the specific design and the age range of the target audience. It is essential to measure the room where the bed will be placed and consider the child’s current size and projected growth to ensure a proper fit.

Many manufacturers also offer custom or semi-custom options, allowing parents to alter the size, design, or additional features of the bed to suit their specific needs. This can be particularly beneficial for those who want a one-of-a-kind Treehouse Bed for their child’s room or have unique space constraints to consider.

How do I ensure the safety of a Treehouse Bed?

The safety of a Treehouse Bed depends on the quality of construction and the maintenance of the bed over time. It is crucial to select a reputable manufacturer that adheres to industry standards and regulations for children’s furniture safety. Look for Treehouse Beds that have been certified by recognized testing organizations, such as the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) or the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

Additionally, properly assemble and install the bed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and perform routine safety checks to ensure the stability and security of the bed. This may include checking loose or worn-out hardware, inspecting the ladder for any damage, and ensuring the bed is in a stable and level position. Regularly inspect the finish of the wooden frame for any signs of wear or damage that might compromise the safety of the bed, and repair or replace any components as needed.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.